Teachers In Service

Teachers In Service

All teachers are not created equal.  It’s a fact of which we are all aware.  Outstanding teaching is an art form.  There are many really good teachers and then there are some truly gifted teachers.  The key to becoming the most outstanding teacher you possibly can be, is to find ways to engage your students on an entirely new level by using creative methods that elevate wonderment and examination.  Comprehending diverse teaching and learning styles is pivotal in turning everyday classroom time into the kind of memorable learning opportunities that last a lifetime and help shape students from that point on.  Richard Hight combines his experience as an award winning artist, art teacher and renowned speaker and storyteller to create Teacher In-Services that makes his audiences yearn to be the type of teachers that create masterpieces in their students on a daily basis.

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“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.”

-C.S. Lewis

The Proof Is In The Numbers…
Richard has presented over 625 Public School assemblies and/or In-Services at more than 510 schools.

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