There are events you attend…but this is one you Experience!


It all happens within minutes! At times with broad strokes, and at others with intense detail. Vibrant color is set on huge canvases as artwork is choreographed to selected pieces of music playing in the background.

Richard Hight is a nationally recognized artist/speaker who uses the fine arts to help his audiences create strategies for change by turning good ideas into great results. He is on a mission to help students see the possibility in their potential and create new opportunities.

Addressing thousands every year, Richard’s unique presentations influences his audiences to use their imagination to discover their originality and celebrate their differences. As a masterful storyteller with a down to earth, Oklahoma warmth and humorous style he always connects with his audiences.

Richard’s presentation begins with the dramatic and exciting creation of a stunning illustration on an eight-foot canvas (each school can suggest what image will best serve their students – historical figures, patriotic images, school mascots and others, etc.). Students and teachers are WOW’ed by the combination of powerful illustration, spoken word and music that transpires in a matter of moments. The artwork Richard creates then provides the foundation for his keynote presentation and discussion. At the end of the assembly, your school keeps the impressive creation to display and act as a reminder of the positive, empowering messages your students learned. He can customize a portion of your event to include Anti-Bullying, Character Building or reinforce the theme of your school.

Richard’s work has graced museums, corporate and private collections, and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX television networks, professional and collegiate sporting events and fair and festivals. His work has also been published in books and magazines. With many accomplishments to his name, Richard is most proud of being the father of two sometimes well behaved kids. He is committed to delivering an age appropriate, relevant message to each and every audience from K – 12.

One thing is certain, whether before a crowd of ten or tens of thousands, Richard holds the audience spellbound as he engages in the ART OF INSPIRATION.

Also available for Teacher in-service, family nights, and educational conferences, workshops, retreats.

Schools keep Richard Hight’s creation after the presentation.


Hey Richard, the kids could not stop talking about it. The name VisualMpact was “spot on”, you made a definite impact! Thank again!“

– Kenny Guthrie, Leach Public School

“Richard was wonderful with the students and was very engaging
during the show. The kids absolutely loved watching their mascot come to life! The students that got to spend some extra time with him before and after the performance were greatly appreciative of his work. We were so happy with the results and love the masterpiece we have! …. Thank you for a wonderful show”

-Pam Rapoza, Dundee Elementary

Richard was amazing! He captivated the kids and teachers right off the bat. They were amazed watching him transform the black canvas into a beautiful piece of art. His message to the kids was truly inspiring! Thank you!“

– Kris L. Petersen, Lynden MS

Richard Hight is an engaging, motivational, talented presenter.  He weaves a story that reflects honesty, and provides not only a masterful piece of art when he is finished, but leaves a lasting impression of integrity and a message of inspiration.  We would have him back again!

– Lauren DeRosa, Lincroft Elementary School

Richard was AMAZING!!! The students and faculty LOVED the stories he told. The children were captivated by him. The artwork he created for our school is wonderful. We are hoping to have him back next year.

– Carol Gray, Woods Road ES

Each grade level was attentive and mesmerized as Richard did the drawing and then told his story. The teachers and administrators were impressed. The schools were thrilled with being able to keep the completed art work.“

– Josephine Redd, Chandler Park Academy Harper Woods

“I have to be honest. I was a bit nervous…how a middle aged man drawing on a sheet was going to hold the attention of k-6th graders. I was so pleasantly surprised. He mesmerize not only the students but the teachers as well. We had him do 2 shows (morning and afternoon) and he was amazing both times. The kids listened to him speak about how he became an artist at a young age. They also sat there QUIETLY (yes you read right) and watched him create on his canvas. He was not only an amazing entertainer but I have to tell you he was a great man to work with. I would HIGHLY recommend him to any age audience.“

– Mariah Drenth-Cormick, Butler Elementary, Chalfont, PA

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