Picture This !

Picture This!

The Vision of an Artist, the Attitude of a Leader

You’re stuck. You’ve run out of ideas. Every door in your life seems to be locked. But what if, tomorrow morning, it could all be different? What if all it takes is vision—seeing  something new, daring to color outside of the lines?

Richard Hight was once stuck. As an unassuming Oklahoma kid struggling in school, he never seemed destined for anything special, but for one ordinary day that would change everything about what he saw in life.

In Picture This! Richard shares his story with audiences whose hopes and dreams may be just out of reach. He shares insights that will open listeners’ minds and shows them how to redefine leadership and vision in colorful detail. The keynote is accompanied by a live visual demonstration, choreographed to music and customizable to include your program’s central themes and messages.

Picture This! provides the “Wow Factor” in plenty. Event planners call it an exceptional, high-value program, and it leaves audiences standing in amazement.




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