The Masterpiece In You

Keynotes on Empowerment
The Masterpiece In You

Discovering, Developing and Delivering Your Talents

This is a keynote performance that brings art, music and the spoken word together to inspire individuals to achieve fulfillment in their personal lives and challenges organizations to implement creativity and innovation to accomplish their vision.

Self-discovery is a journey, and each of us is always on a path of becoming. But sometimes that journey can seem dull and dreary, especially if you don’t know where you’re going and you can’t remember where you’re coming from.

Richard invites the audience closer and tells his own warm, humorous version of the story of self-discovery. His life is testament to the guiding power of gifts and talents, and his presentation combines visual art, music, and the spoken word to show the audience the need to look within for light. For every part of us left to chance, there is another left to choice—and every choice, like another brushstroke, is another step in making The Masterpiece in You.

Richard’s Masterpiece presentation is a palette of timeless lessons and entertaining stories including:

    • The Palette of Choices
    • The Canvas of Imagination
    • The Power of the Focus Point
    • The Shape of Your Character
    • The Perspective of Serving Others
    • Autograph Your Work With Excellence



  • Self Discovery
  • Personal Fulfillment
  • Confidence in Their Ability
  • How To Lead In the Area of Their Gifting
  • To Serve Others Using Their Gifts

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