Imagine That!

Imagine That!

Creative Problem Solving and the Artist’s Perspective

“Richard skillfully stretches people’s perceptions to see new possibilities and experience how their own imagination works.”

Successful people take advantage of emerging opportunities; successful people also seek better solutions for their ongoing challenges. In both cases, creativity is the crucial ingredient. Creativity requires a broader and more imaginative way of thinking, but it’s open to all and it can help anyone, whether they’re a student, a businessperson, or anything in between. And creativity isn’t just for fancy projects—it’s for everyday life!

Whether your audience needs motivation, inspiration, ideas, or solutions, Imagine That! will put the power right back in their hands. There is an artist in each and every one of them that will make them better at what they do, if only they have the will to imagine.


This keynote is designed to reawaken your audience to become a more creative thinkers, so they can:

  • develop and fully develop new answers to problems that once seemed unsolvable
  • become more persuasive in the presentation and marketing of their ideas
  • avoid over used solutions in favor of novel ones that set the stage for even greater success
  • strengthen their leadership abilities and organizational skills, and
  • attain new levels of fulfillment in daily life – personal transformation
  • create strategies for turning change into opportunity

Whether your is in need of inspiration, or to re-evaluate their career with a fresh perspective, solve a complex business problem, introduce a new idea to the marketplace, or figure out the best way to resolve a tense situation, this keynote will present everything needed so that when peers are dodging life’s challenges, you’re uncovering the potentially successful opportunities that were missed by others.


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